About Us

Ankara University is a comprehensive public university located in the capital of the nation. Being the first higher education institute of the Republic, it has established a reputable image both within the country and in the international arena, with its vast experience for 55 years, its highly qualified academic staff and students, and its well established teaching, learning and research facilities.

Ankara University was founded by Atatürk himself in order to set foundation for his teachings and revolutions on which those would get stronger and spread wider, and for those principles that are the expressions of a modern society, science and enlightenment are hold dear and protected.

The school of physical education and sports was established as a unit of Ankara University in 1983. In 1993, its education started with 30 students as The School of Physical Education and Sports. The school is doing its educational activities as a total of 5 years in which there are one year of English Preparatory and four years of undergraduate education.  Starting in 2000, The School of Physical Education and Sports is continuing its’ education with three seperated departments as followed. In 2012 School of Physical Education and Sports has become a Faculty.

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