Physical Education and Sport Teaching

The purpose of the teaching of physical education: Training the contemporary teachers of physical education who popularise the physical education activities to society,ensure the social integration,give the concept of Fair Play,create a source of phsical education and the scientific support to individuals,reache children and the young people who need special educational and helping them to express themselves through physical education,develop the ability of working together,sharing something and Contributing to the individuals in every age group to develop their physical, mental, emotional, social progress.

Bachelor Degree

Official length of programme: 4 years (1 year preparatory school)8 semesters, 14 weeks per semester, minimum 158 credits.

Objectives:  To learn management strategies and procedures of professional sports teams, collegiate athletic departments and other sport related businesses in the right direction to improve management skills in sports organizations.

Currently Must minimum number of credits:
Must courses credits: 138
Elective courses credits: 20
Total credits: 158