Sports Management

Spor Management Department is founded in order to educate sport managers whose national and universal sport consciousness are developed, who believe in equality of opportunity and philosophy of diffusion of sport among society, see sport as a matter of accumulation and culture, believe in sport sciences, follow changes and developments in sport, use time in an efficient and effective way, acquire current vocational knowledge correctly and completely, open to novelty and change, have developed self-confidence, who are creative, hardworking, honest, modest, tolerant, helpful, aware of their skills and participant and also to give the correct messages concerning the social dimensions of sport to the public.

Bachelor Degree

Official length of programme: 4 years (1 year preparatory school) 8 semester, 14 weeks per semester, minimum 143 credits

Objectives:  To learn management strategies and procedures of professional sports teams, collegiate athletic departments and other sport related businesses in the right direction to improve. To develop management skills in sports organizations.

Currently Must minimum number of credits:
Must courses credits: 12
Elective courses credits: 14
Total credits: 143